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"It was by complete luck that this song happen to be finished and on this EP. My iTunes was on shuffle one day and this scratchy recording I had made a long time ago came up. It was the bare bones of what would be the first two parts Othello. In between mucking around with the song I was watching Orson Welles' film adaptation of Shakespeare's Othello. Othello is an amazing story about love, but the idea of race, colour and creed is right at the heart of it and that is the interesting part for me. The lyrics are partly based on Shakespeare and partly based on my own life. So yeah, I basically collaborated with William Shakespeare on this one. Probably my favourite track."-Kog




I told you ever tale so you would know
I never had the silver spoon and robe
I only had myself along the road
And you just stood and stared
Amazed at what I said
Forgetting who I was
Forgetting how they spoke
A black man held a loft
In a white man’s boulevard
In glorified esteem
But don’t forget your place
And daddy said you’re not
Allowed to love this man
For he’s not one of us
But you still held my hand
You still held my hand
You still held my hand


Oh jealousy you’ll bring me down
The animals inside me come to play
Rumour, whisper, take me to the blade
Iago you puppeteer, you’ll take me to the blade
Yeah I’m sure, you would take me to the blade
But I can’t see


Desdemona you were paradise
And you’ll stay in my eyes as I sit here and contemplate my sacrifice
A newborn baby on its way
And it will never now my cowardice, my impotence and all you claimed
Why’d I have to go insane?
I’m so sorry I’m insane
My darling oh wait, oh wait


from Barricades, released October 16, 2012
Written and Composed by Kog Ravindran
Co-Produced by Kog Ravindran & Matt Neighbour
Recorded by Matt Neighbour
Mastered by Adam Dempsey



all rights reserved


Kog Melbourne, Australia

Kog is an independent singer-songwriter who records and performs songs as they were conceived-while singing at the piano.

'Barricades' is his debut EP available now on Bandcamp for FREE

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